How to apply?
Learn how to apply for a scholarship with Team Axcited

Something to be proud about

Becoming a member of Team Axcited is not easy. We are not giving away scholarships in promotions and we are not handing over our cute little axies to you just because we like your face! Respectively, we would also not be declining you just because we don't.
We strive to build a place to earn, spend time, communicate, share joy and find support in the more difficult times. Being a Team Axcited member should be something your can be proud about and we want to be proud to have you.
To improve our team spirit and visibility, once you become a Team Axcited scholar we ask you to:
  1. 1.
    Have a twitter account
  2. 2.
    Add "| Team Axcited
    " to your twitter name
  3. 3.
    Like & Retweet one of our tweets per day
  4. 4.
    [Optionally] Tweet about your play, our team, your new friends, a coaching, a payout, a game update or whatever you feel like and add #TeamAxcited hashtag

Application Process Overview

Here is overview about the whole process:
Please understand that many of you will not make it through this process.
This is not your fault. Please, don't take it personal. We might be looking for specific skills, work times, locations etc. to keep a good team balance and you simply might not fit at this point in time. There are many scholarship programs around and you will get your spot!

Your Next Steps

Be sure to read & understand our scholarship agreement and then head over to a more detailed description of the next right here.